A Legacy of Entrepreneurial Success:

Throughout my entrepreneurial journey, I have demonstrated unwavering determination, exceptional abilities, and patience in turning ideas into viable businesses. Thanks to my astute leadership, I have successfully established and guided numerous highly profitable industrial companies in Egypt, Turkey, the Arabian Gulf region, and the United Kingdom throughout my career. These ventures have not only fueled significant economic growth, but have also played an important role in creating job opportunities and contributing to overall development.


It is a trading company based in Egypt that was founded in 2009 to supply sheet metal cutting machines, bending machines, and welding machines. They most likely work with a variety of manufacturers and suppliers to provide their Egyptian customers with a diverse range of high-quality equipment. Capital CNC is essential in meeting industry demand for cutting-edge machinery and tools.


in Saudi Arabia: Similar to Capital CNC, BATICO is a trading company based in Saudi Arabia. They focus on supplying sheet metal cutting machines, bending machines, and welding machines to cater to the needs of the Saudi Arabian market. By sourcing and providing these essential industrial tools, BATICO contributes to the growth and efficiency of the manufacturing sector in Saudi Arabia.


in the UAE: MAKINA, based in the United Arab Emirates, operates as a maintenance services company for machines. Their primary objective is to ensure that industrial machinery functions optimally through regular maintenance, repairs, and technical support. By offering comprehensive maintenance services, MAKINA helps businesses in the UAE maintain the longevity and efficiency of their equipment.


was born out of a vision to revolutionize the CNC industry. Founded in Manchester, we have steadily grown to become the UK's leading manufacturer of CNC machinery. Our commitment to innovation, quality, and service has made us a trusted partner for businesses seeking to increase efficiency and precision in their operations.

Delma Makina

Since our founding in 2021, Delma Makina has been dedicated to providing top-quality machinery for sheet metal fabrication. Our expertise lies in laser cutting machines, press brake machines, welding machines, and other related equipment. We have established a strong presence in the region and have become a go-to partner for many businesses. Our team consists of skilled professionals who have decades of combined experience in the industry and are passionate about delivering excellent customer service.